The Halford Lab has been studying and advancing a new line of safe and highly effective HSV-2 vaccines since 2006.  The preclinical research completed to date provides clear evidence of the safety and extraordinary effectiveness of live-attenuated HSV-2 ICP0‾ mutant viruses as vaccines.  The next logical step is human clinical trials.  Donations from individuals, however small, help us move the research towards this goal at the quickest pace possible.  Thus, donations provide (1) hope to tens of millions who suffer with HSV-2 genital herpes and (2) the promise of a herpes-free future for our children and grandchildren.

For those interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Halford Vaccine Research Program, online and mail-in donations may be provided as follows.


  • Feb – August 2015: $55,100 donated

Thank you! Money donated to Halford Vaccine Research helps my laboratory more rapidly advance a safe and effective HSV-2 vaccine to clinical usage. Aside from helping the research directly, monetary contributions help in a second way that is at least equally important. Many people in the world (who don’t have HSV-2) think that this virus is either “no big deal” or does not affect that many people. Money donated to fund the advancement of the world’s first effective herpes vaccine provides concrete evidence to the naysayers that a HSV-2 vaccine would, in fact, be a very big deal and would profoundly improve many people’s lives. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to date.



  • Go to:
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Under “Program and Gift Amount,” indicate the dollar amount of your donation and in the pull down menu entitled -Select a Program to Support-, scroll down and choose the entry that reads “Halford Vaccine Research”
  • Click “Submit” and two subsequent pages will allow you to provide your (1) address and personal information for tax-deduction purposes, and (2) your credit card information via a secure website.



Write a check payable to “SIU Foundation,” write “Halford Vaccine Research” on the Memo Line, and mail to:

Mrs. Risa Kirkpatrick, Business Administrator Dept of Microbiology and Immunology         Southern Illinois Univ. School of Medicine P.O. Box 19626                                  Springfield, IL 62794-9626

These funds will be used solely for the purposes of HSV-2 vaccine research.  Any gift, however small, is greatly appreciated and helps the Halford Lab move an effective HSV-2 vaccine forward to where it counts…….ending the HSV-2 genital herpes epidemic with all haste.



I would like to thank the National Institutes of Health for the financial support that has made my laboratory’s work possible (R01 AI51414, R21 AI81072).  The research that describes a new and highly promising line of live-attenuated HSV-1 and HSV-2 ICP0‾ mutant vaccines and supporting NIH grants are listed below.

  • Halford, W.P., J. Geltz, R.J. Messer, and K.J. Hasenkrug.  2015.  Antibodies are necessary for complete vaccine-induced protection against herpes simplex virus 2.  Submitted.
  • Geltz, J., E. Gershburg, and W.P. Halford. 2015. Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) infected cell proteins are among the most dominant antigens of a live-attenuated HSV-2 vaccine. PLoS ONE. 10:116091 [Read Paper]
  • Halford, W.P. 2014. Antigenic breadth: a missing ingredient in HSV-2 subunit vaccines? Expert Rev Vaccines 13: 691–710. [Read Abstract]
  • Halford, W.P., J. Geltz, and E. Gershburg. 2013. Pan-HSV-2 IgG antibody in vaccinated mice and guinea pigs correlates with protection against herpes simplex virus 2. PLoS ONE. 8:e65523   [Read Paper]
  • Halford W.P., Püschel R., Gershburg E., Wilber A., Gershburg S., Rakowski B. 2011. A live-attenuated HSV-2 ICP0‾ virus elicits 10 to 100 times greater protection against genital herpes than a glycoprotein D subunit vaccine. PLoS ONE 6:e17748   [Read Paper]
  • Halford, W.P., R. Püschel, and B. Rakowski. 2010. Herpes simplex virus 2 ICP0mutants are avirulent and immunogenic: implications for a genital herpes vaccine. PLoS ONE 5: e12251  [Read Paper]
  • Davido, D. and W.P. Halford, Issued August 12, 2014, “Herpes simplex virus mutant ICP0.” U.S. Patent Number 8,802,109. This is a patent for the concept that ICP0‾ mutants of any alpha-herpesvirus (HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV, equine herpesvirus, etc) would be avirulent and could be used as an effective live vaccine.   [Read Patent]
  • Halford, W.P.  2009.  Development of an effective genital herpes vaccine.  R21 AI81072, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. [Read Grant Abstract]
  • Halford, W.P. 2007. Towards an effective genital herpes vaccine: past lessons and future prospects. Future Virology 2: 1-6   [Read Paper]
  • Halford, W.P., J. Grace, C. Weisend, M. Soboleski, D.J.J. Carr, J.W. Balliet, Y. Imai, T.P. Margolis, and B.M. Gebhardt. 2006. ICP0 antagonizes Stat 1-dependent repression of herpes simplex virus: implications for the regulation of viral latency. Virol. J. 3: 44   [Read Paper]
  • Halford, W.P.  2002.  The role of the LAT-ICP0 locus in regulating HSV latency. 1R01 AI51414. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.  [Read Grant Abstract]

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