…but his work continues or what’s next?

Dear all,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the terrible news of Dr. Halford’s passing. However, this is not the time to despair. Bill dedicated his life to science and his ultimate goal was to bring the vaccine he developed to herpes sufferers.

By the time of his passing, he no longer was a lone crusader. He and his friend and business partner, Agustin Fernandez, assembled a capable team that is dedicated to finishing what Bill has started. We believe that the only way to honor his life is to continue his work and remain focused on the ultimate goal.

How can you help? Stay in touch! Spread the word! If you know anyone affected by this disease, send them here, let them know that they are not alone. Donate to the cause; all money donated to the Halford Vaccine Research fund at the SIU Foundation will be solely used to support research on HSV vaccines.

We will continue updating this blog as information on current developments and future trials becomes available. Stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “…but his work continues or what’s next?

  1. optimistic says:

    Hi Dr.Gershburg,

    Hope you are good!! Do u have any update regarding theravax & provax, the blog is quite silent.



  2. Dave says:

    I may be looking the wrong comment section, but wasn’t it mentioned somewhere that “compassionate” vaccines would be offered soon in Mexico or the Caribbean? Does that mean it’s only offered to a limited number of people or does that mean soon anyone can go there and get it before it becomes FDA approved? I’d definitely be willing to take the shot without waiting for all these trials to finish.


  3. L. says:

    Thank you for continuing Dr. Halford’s important work. This is very promising, and I will be so happy the day this vaccine becomes available. I feel much more hopeful reading about this latest trial. I thought Halford’s work was doomed to never be funded. Even though I do not have HSV-2, I will be more at peace knowing that I don’t need to worry about contracting it and that the loved ones I know who have it will be free from worry about transmitting it!


  4. faith says:

    Doctor Gershburg, I’m sorry for the loss of our hero Dr. Halford, my condolences, and your legacy will surely be eternalized. Doctor, I have a doubt that has been haunting me. I have hsv2 oral infection, for that reason, I have constant neuralgia in the trigemius and in the ears. Can you clarify to me if there were patients reporting these symptoms in the first trial in 2016 and if there were any improvement in symptoms? Thank you for continuing the fight to help millions of sufferers.


    • Erica says:

      I am experiencing the same thing! I have constant dizziness & now my vision is becoming blurred; I’d love to hear what you’ve tried for relief.


    • Erica says:

      I am experiencing the same thing! I have constant dizziness & now my vision is becoming blurred; I’d love to hear what you’ve tried for relief.


  5. Leesa says:

    Oh my…How did he die???? Is it possible this was not an accident; given he knew the truth about the medicine and FDA? I run support groups and referred many who suffered to him.. I am so sorry. What will happen to his life’s work? Who, with integrity can carry on his legacy. He did two trials. One here and one abroad.


  6. J. Harbor says:

    Hi there, so sorry to hear about DR. H’s passing. My husband gets cold sores around his mouth lips (no genital ones) and it really causes severe anxiety & frustration. He is constantly worried he will get another cold sore. We would LOVE to be able to get a vaccine for this!! Please contact us if/when it is available!


  7. raveesha000 says:

    Does the vaccine c.sales will be available this year? As Agustin said it was going to be ready past April but it didn’t go as planned because of Dr halford’s health. Just wanted to know wether it will be available?


  8. Les says:

    Thank you so much for continuing Dr Halford’s legacy. Those of us waiting on the cure/vaccine are eternally grateful for his sacrifices. Waiting hopefully…


      • Sam says:

        I (and many others like me) appreciate that very much. (more than words can describe)
        Thank you, Dr. Gershburg.


      • Kelly says:

        Dr. Gershburg. Thank you so much for you and Agustin Fernandez in taking over Bill’s work. On those daunting days, please remember we’re all cheering you on and applaud you. I have a very interesting case of hsv you might be interested in hearing about. Please email if you would like my story sent to you.


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