Dr. Halford’s passing…

Dear all,

My name is Ed Gershburg. I am a colleague and friend of Dr. Halford. As you may know, Bill had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer approximately 6 years ago.  He fought valiantly, but it is with sadness that I report that he passed away last week.

Bill will be remembered for his devotion to teaching and passion for research. It is rare for a scientist to reach the pinnacle where Dr. Halford’s herpes vaccine research stands today.  Discovery research is often about placing individual pieces onto a sometimes very big puzzle. Few get to see the completed puzzle, but all are compelled by the conviction that adding their pieces will one day benefit society. Dr. Halford certainly embodied this philosophy.  Years of experimental studies in test tubes and animal models ultimately led to the first human trial, and we are hopeful one day the vaccine will become a standard of care. Millions stand to benefit because of Bill’s passion, innovative thinking, and sheer determination.

Bill was a true colleague, a spirited teacher, and a brilliant researcher.  We knew this day was coming, but that has not made this any easier.  We do take some solace that our friend is now at peace.

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  1. optimistic says:

    Hi Dr.Gershburg,

    Hope you are good!! Do u have any update regarding theravax & provax, the blog is quite silent.



  2. Aria says:

    RIP Dr Halford! I’ve followed his work but didn’t know of his illness! What a loss to the medical/science community and all those who knew him personally.

    I would love to help support his work and memory as much as possible. Please let us know how we can help!


  3. La Rosser says:

    I have known Dr. Halford since the early ’90s when I was acting as a counselor for people with HSV. He was a wonderful person, sharp and focused in his research but full of compassion and an understanding of human beings as well. I miss him deeply, and am very grateful to those who carry his research forward. Thank you all.


  4. Brandon says:

    Thoughts and peace to you. Thank you for your research. I can only hope that RVX continues on and ensure his legacy continues.


  5. anthony sarno says:

    R.I.P Dr. Halford. My condolences to his family and friends. Dr. Halford is and always will be a source of great inspiration for me.


  6. Tony says:

    R.I.P Dr. Halford. My condolences to his family and close friends. You WILL be remember Dr. Take care and look after us from above.


  7. SWallace says:

    How sad to loose such a powerful source of research science from someone who really cared. Dr. Bill Halford’s brilliance will live on a million times over as each herpes sufferer suffers no more – thanks to him. RIP Dr. Halford.

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  8. Jim says:

    A truly great individual with such clarity of thought and furthermore a rare quality in the medical profession -– that of having an open mind. A loss to the community of herpes sufferers, especially those whose lives are dominated by the complications of this disease, the reality of which notably Dr Halford was one of the very few who acknowledged; but there is much hope following his remarkable and groundbreaking work –- a legacy he left for all of us.

    It is essential that Dr Halford’s revolutionary work, his radically new findings and the ongoing results from his phase I trial are extended into the mainstream and adopted as the replacement for the out-of-date and misguided way of thinking that prevails. It is devastating, as many of us have experienced, when we find ourselves in the absurd situation of educating our medical professionals from the findings we’ve learned from Dr. Halford’s research, which he has made available to us and which are entirely consistent with our very own symptoms and suffering. But somehow it must be done, in the interests of bringing this vital treatment to many. We will all miss Bill Halford’s amusing, sometimes frustrated and sometimes colourful replies to some of the disbelievers! — Jim, Thailand.


  9. Vitamin C says:

    Thank you Dr. Gershburg for informing members of this blog that Dr. Halford has passed. My condolences to his family and close friends. It is absolutely wonderful that Dr. Halford had the opportunity to oversee the first ever HSV live attenuated vaccine and to witness (and confirm) that his vaccine works extremely well! He must have been pleased to see that actualized.

    Thank you Dr. Halford for working so hard on this essential vaccine. Thank you!


  10. Sean says:

    This is incredibly sad. Dr. Halford was a brilliant, kind, and generous man. He was willing to talk about vaccine design, and especially his live-attenuated approach, to anyone that reached out to him.

    A few years ago I very nearly applied to study virology and vaccines under Dr. Halford, but ended up going another route. Seeing this post, I feel a sharp pang of regret at that decision. Now I’ll never have that opportunity again.

    I feel ill. I am concerned about Dr. Halford’s work being continued. Will Rational Vaccines be continuing through Dr. Halford’s passing? His legacy must be secured.

    My condolences to his friends and family. I wish you strength through this difficult time.


  11. Tray says:

    The only hope we had is now gone. This is terrible. RIP. Thank you for your work and immediate responses to questions. Please continue his work.


  12. Gar11 says:

    Thoughts go to all his family and friends
    His determination was amazing and him caring and wanting to help hsv sufferers was truely amazing. He will never be forgotten , Him and his team have given alot of hope in the hsv sufferers world. Im sure his work will pave the way to eradicating hsv for good!

    RIP Dr halford


  13. Mark says:

    My condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and everyone affected by his passing…Truly a man like no other, who never gave up, perservered to the end and lived to see the successful results of his vaccine in the “trial of 17”.
    I’m sure Dr. Bill would want the success achieved to date by Rational Vaccines to continue forward.
    May God Bless Dr. William Halford, the discoverer of the herpes vaccination and grant him eternal peace and joy.


  14. Mary says:

    It is a sad day indeed. I have no words what he meant to me. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues. I pray his legacy continues to honor him & pay tribute to his passion, dedication and love for human kind. His work must continue!


  15. Mary says:

    It is a sad day indeed. I have no words what he meant to me. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues. I pray his legacy continues to honor him & pay tribute to his passion, dedication and love for human kind.


  16. LK says:

    Rest In Peace sir. Dr Halford would answer my questions with patience and brilliant insight. He has moved the needle on herpetic research to where it resides today. Bravely moving forward and even vaccinating himself multiple times while valiantly fighting with an immune compromised body. Proving again and again he was right all along and that the other vaccines were based on faulty but well funded methodologies. His vaccine works and is safe. His vaccine will prevail one day and I’ll never stop reminding the naysayers and the critics of his medical research submission how many lives were ruined as they stuck to their crumbling and dated dogma. RIP Doctor.


  17. matusalen says:

    Mis pensamientos con la familia del Dr Haldford en estos momentos tan tristes.Y con todos nosotros que tenemos la esperanza en su trabajo, en su legado y en el futuro que tomara todo su grandiosa obra. Esta en nuestras manos acabar su obra y que sea aun mas recordado como el hombre que salvo millones de vida de la soledad y las sombras de esta terrible enfermedad.

    ?Quien segura su trabajo.¿ ,
    ?los próximos ensayos que pasa con ellos.¿
    ?retrasa esto el lanzamiento de la vacuna. ¿


  18. Dana says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who know and loved Dr Halford and everyone touched by his research and work. I hope someone picks up the torch and continues to research and help those who are hopeful still.. Rest in peace Dr.. 💕


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