RVx Press Release #1

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Rational Vaccines (RVx) issued their first Press Release on Sept 26 .

Dr. Josh Bloom has commented on this Press Release.

Press Release #1 summarizes the central points of the RVx Website, which lay out a vision of how the diagnosis, clinical management, and prevention of recurrent herpetic diseases, such as genital herpes, may radically improve with the introduction of three new technologies:

(1) RVx’s two new vaccine technologies, Theravax and Profavax, work about 100-fold better than the herpes subunit vaccine concepts (i.e., theoretical garbage) that have been the sole focus of U.S. herpes vaccine trials between 1985 and 2016, and which are clearly too weak to do the job.

(2) the HSV ABVIC Test, which is about 100-fold more sensitive and far less prone to false-positive results than the herpes serology tests of the past 20 years that get a D-rating  from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force .  A D-rating means, “Doctors, you should avoid these error-prone herpes serology tests like the plague.  Do not use them under any circumstances.”

It’s time for the medical community to quit going through the motions of pretending like we are doing a good job diagnosing, treating and preventing herpetic disease.  The new technologies that RVx is offering will, finally, provide doctors with 100-fold more powerful tools that allow them to, for real, (1) accurately diagnose, (2) better manage, and (3) effectively prevent all forms of herpetic disease.

7 thoughts on “RVx Press Release #1

  1. sarah says:

    My daughter of 2yrs old has herpes. Ever since she was diagnosed i’ve been so worried she’ll pass it on to another kid at her daycare. I hope the vaccine will work.
    My heart was heavy but it feel lighter reading all this information. Thank you for all you are doing.


  2. Troy says:

    Expecting big things from Dr Halford. Thanks for your work. I wish I can invest in your company in future. I think the science behind your vaccine makes sense and your heart is in it.


  3. jack briono says:

    Great news, we all hope upcoming conference has detailed results of studies and tests. Patiently awaiting release of your products,



    • Herpes Vaccine Research says:

      Hi Jack,

      My solemn promise to you, and the entire herpes community, is that the upcoming Oct 13 conference and associated announcements will not disappoint. I am placing my 25-year reputation in the herpes field on the line by declaring this in an open forum, so you can make of that what you will regarding how deadly serious I am. My promise to everyone is simple: your 3+ years of patience in following my blogs will be rewarded in the coming weeks.

      – Bill H.

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      • Nico H says:

        Any news doc? I couldn’t seem to find anything new on RVx website, or here. I’m suffering so bad from this virus, so I’m really eager to know when your product will be available! Also, if you need any patients for testing, I’m willing to give it a try! This virus is so annoying.. Anyway, good job so far, I’m really looking forward to your release!


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