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eating crowQuite a few individuals have emailed me over the past few months or posted comments which effectively stated that “All this guy Halford does is talk and overpromise.  Where’s the beef?”

I note the past 20 years of my career say something different, but I am not posting this to talk about the past.  Things should get interesting in the next two months.

The RVx Website will be live by no later than September 15.  It’s ready to launch today, but the next two weeks are dedicated to reviewing and vetting the 20 – 30 pages of content contained therein…..I have lost count of the number of pages and subpages, so that is why I do not offer a specific number of pages.

I anticipate a Press Release from RVx sometime in the month of October.  So, to all the trolls who have been badgering me for months, get ready to eat some crow.

– Bill Halford

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  1. Gar says:

    You truely are a great inspiring person, thank you for all the work and effort you are doing. im sure you will crack it and everyone will always remember you for fixing something thats caused millions of people chronic problems and mental effects because of hsv. anything that can be helped with im sure alot of people will be backing you especially when this stigma can be ridded.


  2. Lissy says:

    F*** the trolls halford, you know deep down, along w the majority of us that you rock and they can all go eat a d*** 🙂 sorry, someone had to say it. 🙂

    I am concerned as I saw a poster mention you have cancer. I have thought about emailing you, but didn’t wanna bother you and annoy you, as the poster made it sound terminal and it made me sick to my stomach. Please. take care of yourself. Yours truly, Lissy 🙂


    • Herpes Vaccine Research says:

      Hi Lissy,

      Please forgive my editing of your comment. Here are the facts…….I was diagnosed with cancer in Feb 2011. Considering that I was 42 at the time of diagnosis, yes, the cancer is terminal……that is, short of getting hit by a bus, it will most likely be the cause of my demise. However, let’s get real here. For those of you who follow the Foo Fighters, you may recognize these lyrics “It’s a shame we have to die my dear, no one’s getting out of here, alive.”

      So, for all of us, we are terminal in one way or the other. OK, my life expectancy is likely less than yours……big f–ing deal. I have 48 years that have been mostly a blast, a great family (kids now 21 and 19), rock solid wife, and a very cool set of friends. Kids getting blown up in Syria…..this really does suck. My situation…ehhh….not so bad, and I really don’t care if I have 90 days left or 900 days left….I just take it all a day at a time. As I said before, I am not dead yet, so don’t count me out yet.

      For herpes sufferers in general and the people who follow this blog in particular, I cannot say that I am a super-big believer in divine intervention, but that is what my life post-cancer feels like. I was diagnosed with cancer 14 days before the most important paper of my career was published (Halford, et al, 2011), which logically reduces to one simple statement……oh, it turns out, genital herpes is a vaccine-preventable disease but mainstream thinking is keeping the scientific community from following the correct path, a live HSV-2 vaccine, to solve the problem.

      It was the intersection of the TIMING of the (1) publication of this paper (that reported the findings of experiments conducted between 2006 and 2010) and (2) my recognition that I had a tumor the size of a golf ball in my sinuses breaking through the skull into my cranium, that led me to undergo a pretty radical shift in viewpoint and arrive at a conclusion we have all heard time and time again……seize the f—ing day (because you may not be around tomorrow). Carpe diem! I have lived by this credo since it became clear in Sept 2011 that I there was a 50-50 shot I would live to see 2012.

      My first herpes blog was created in June 2013. I partnered with a movie producer, Agustin Fernandez III, in Summer 2012 with the sole goal of bringing my 20 years of research to light and proving that not only in mice and guinea pigs, but also in humans, genital herpes is a vaccine-preventable disease.

      So, the best thing that happened for genital herpes sufferers in the past 15 years can be summarized in one statement….Bill Halford realized he had cancer at precisely the right point in time to leverage 20 years of prior scientific research into a functional cure. And so, as stuff unfolds over the next 2 months, just remember that every cloud has its silver lining. Everything that happens over the next 2 months only came about because of the events that occurred in my life in Feb and March 2011 (cancer diagnosis and publication of a really important study). Likewise, the nearly 400,000 visits to my blogs over the past 3 years….the Science Blog received 275,000 visits before I got sick of the relentless ads for B.S.-herpes treatments and started this advertisement-free blogs….all follow from Feb to March 2011 in Bill Halford’s life.

      Finally, many people note that I have a lot of compassion for people who suffer with a chronic disease for which there is no cure. This has nothing to do with my scientific training or my naturally bubbly personality (not), but rather has to do with everything that happened in 2011. I should have died in early 2012. The last 4 years of my life are all gravy bestowed upon me by the simple good fortune of having an amazing team of doctor at SIU who reached out to researchers all over the world to devise a treatment plan for my relatively rare flavor of cancer. The choices they made followed from work done in Perth, Australia which said….people with this type of cancer do much better if you do chemo/radiation first and follow with surgery second. Gut instinct would tell you the opposite. Had my doctors not done their homework in an above and beyond fashion, I would not be here today.

      So, how did a science geek arrive at the place where he started talking with scores to hundreds (have lost count) of people who suffer with unrelenting chronic disease……..very simple… walking in similar shoes for all of 2011, and then being pulled back from the brink. Everything that happens in the next 2 months is my repayment of this debt to scientific researchers and doctors who did the same for me.

      – Bill H.

      P.S. I’m not dead yet.


  3. T says:

    Never did I think a herpes related missive would make me laugh, but that sure did! Love your work, your perseverance and your wit and way with words. Excited to see what the future brings.


    • Herpes Vaccine Research says:

      Hi T,

      Should be exciting for all involved. I want to note here that my initial post and your comment are equally vague on specifics. Strategically speaking, it is better for everyone if we (or least I) keep the conversation vague for another 6 weeks. After that, the specifics will be on the table to discuss. So, for everyone else who commented on the specifics of this open secret, I am not ignoring you per se…’s just that now is not the time to discuss. Once we get past that, I will be happy to more fully engage.

      – Bill H.


  4. Jim says:

    Many people will be delighted to see you reach a milestone worth discussing and eager to hear of your future plans, Dr. Halford. I for one would be happy to eat crow, regardless, if it means your success in promoting your work.

    Mindful that you have asked this forum to offer contributions to some of the new site’s content, I have been cogitating for some weeks over the fact that I have several years’ papers covering various forms of herpes simplex complications, though I simply haven’t had time to go through them and submit them to you in a sufficiently organised manner. Perhaps you need to just shout, if there is more that we can provide, to ensure the website gives adequate coverage to some of the conditions of sufferers and their associated problems.

    One of the difficulties for many of us, has been finding professional medical help that even begins to accept that the virus can cause so many health problems. Even when armed with a vast series of papers covering everything from pudendal neuralgia to sacral myeloradiculitis from HSV, it still doesn’t even convince many of them to help us and try to get to the bottom of our troublesome pathologies. This condition has been hidden away for too long and the mainstream medical profession needs to open its mind.

    Perhaps the strength of many case studies, implicating HSV in various other conditions, might carry more weight if it is available on your new website and with your backing. The absence of any formal recognition and acknowledgement that HSV can be causative in so many secondary illnesses, has undoubtedly harmed patients’ chances of obtaining better care for decades. I think many of us seek a remedy for this unfortunate and ignorant situation, in addition to seeking a successful treatment. So please let us know if there is more we can provide, to help to make your site and your work an even greater success.



    • Herpes Vaccine Research says:

      Hi Jim,

      Please forgive my minor edits to your comment to comply with what I need in terms of vagueness over the next 6 weeks. Regarding the Accurate Info portion of the website, I don’t think this is going to fix the doctor-patient relationship in the space of herpes in one fell swoop. However, I do think it will help move the needle in the right direction.

      I envision this portion of the website being updated quarterly to constantly improve its content in response to patient and doctor queries, and only through the process of refinement will we get close to the resource that is needed. The simple reality is that genital herpes, herpetic disease in general, and HSV biology is at least 20 times more complex than what most doctors learn in medical school…..hence patients’ frequent dissatisfaction with the abject ignorance of their doctors on the subject matter. It should not be easier to find an architect to build your next house than it is to find a doctor who understands at least 25% of what is known about herpes, but unfortunately it is way easier to find the right architect.

      So, no final answers on my call for input on “Accurate Info” are needed today. Let’s just get doctors and patients involved in the process so that there is at least one publicly available resource on herpes treatment where people can know that whatever is stated has been vetted by experts and is not just innuendo that is based on gut feelings.

      Check out the website when it goes live…..I will post an announcement on the blog, and I will plan to revise and update the Accurate Info section at the end of 2016 to reflect the feedback we receive.

      – Bill H.


  5. Lillian panos says:

    Hey I got here in March 2016! I applaud you on all you do. I am happy you want to educate drs. My experience with 2 have not been great! I have appts with 2 new drs end of this month still dont know if I have h1 or 2 on genitals. Awaiting your news! Thanks for all you do. Lillian


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